Letter to Tulsa World, 6-03-2022

"Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

Attached is a letter I sent to the Tulsa World newspaper that they will not print because of their evil Marxist agenda. If the letter does not call Trump a liar, racist, dictator, or something vile then they will not print it. This letter will be added to my website www.10AFreedom.com for future generations, if it is not removed by the politically correct police.

            I have a funny book that was given to me when I was walking out of church in 1947. The comic book is titled "Is This Tomorrow?" about how the Communists are going to take over the USA. The funny book is a repeat of the liberals' plan for world order articles that I have been sending out. They plan to make life so rough and hard that we will sign up for Socialism just to exist. Of course, we have to be deguned so we are helpless against their absolute control. We know it is coming. So, what are we going to do about it?


To Tulsa World- 06/03/22

            In Uvalde, a man walked into a grade school classroom and locked the door and began leisurely murdering the kids. Outside the door, the police were patiently waiting for the murderer to finish his business and politely give up. For the Marxist, this triggered the anti-gun hysteria. Socialism and the armed citizen are not compatible because the Marxist has to disarm the citizens and make them helpless. You take away sharp scissors from a child and it works, take away guns from the people and the Mexican cartels will supply the criminals with whatever they need. Then the criminals can kick in your door and rape, steal, and kill at their whim. Look for the cartels to provide money to Democrat anti-gun politicians just like they did for Biden to open the border. The citizens have to have protection from criminal thugs and government thugs.  























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