The Truth Hurts
When it Lands in Your Lap


As you'll recall it was just one month ago that Barack Obama, the Democrat Party and their allies in the liberal news media were smearing Ted Cruz and Congressional Republicans for trying to stop the implementation of ObamaCare.

Cruz and other Republicans were called "terrorists," "hostage takers," and "arsonists" - just to name a few of the hundreds of insults/smears made against them. But now the public is waking up to the fact that they were lied to - that it was not Ted Cruz and Congressional Republicans who were wrong, but in fact had they prevailed, millions of Americans would have been spared the suffering and hardship that ObamaCare is inflicting upon American families.

Meanwhile, a Democratic Senator says, "We all knew Obama was lying when he said you could keep your healthcare plan and your doctor."

Elsewhere, students, who supported Obama in droves at the polls in 2008 and 2012, are finding their healthcare plans at college are being priced way beyond their means to pay. Well duh....

Consequently Obama's poll numbers are in a nosedive.

Tis truly amazing how "hands on" experience with economics exacts its true tuition and exposes folks first hand to what they'd been warned of for years by those opposed to Obama and his plan to "manage" 20% of the nation's economy by dictatorial fiat.


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