Bryan is running for President of the United States on the Democratic ticket. Bryan is the only person that can unite the parasites into a major political force. Hilary is a fraud. She only looks out for herself. She took hundreds of millions of dollars under the pretense of giving that money to us parasites and the greedy liar kept it for herself. She is not our friend or our leader. Only Bryan can unite us and fight for our right to take money from the working people.

As human beings, parasites have the right to live as good as the working people. Only the Bible says ďif you want to eat, you have to workĒ but nobody believes in that fairytale book anymore, at least not people of progressive thinking. Parasites donít have to work or spend time away from television. Parasites can do anything they want and have anything they want and take it when they want it. All we have to do is find a leader that will get into the White House and get the power needed to take money away from the
working people and Bryan is that leader. Parasites are going to be like worms in peopleís stomachs, they are going to have to feed us whether they like it or not.

Parasites donít have to live in substandard conditions like those in the third world countries, we have our rights and parasites deserve all the things working people have. A nice house, car, TV, food, nice clothes, vacations and free medical. Bryan will take all those things from the working people. The parasites already outnumber the working people and all they have to do is unite behind Bryan because he has a plan. The first thing is to increase the income tax to 60% just like Europe with no deductions or loopholes. Not only will this new money push up our lifestyle but it will bring the greedy working peopleís lifestyle down to our lifestyle.

But taking income from the workingman is a rich manís game. Rich people pay little income tax on income because of loopholes. So, their wealth increases rapidly.  Therefore, rich people have lots of wealth and the only tax on wealth is property tax.  Bryan will tax wealth, 10% a year on stocks, bonds, savings, retirement, property, cars, boats, diamonds, anything of value. In ten years, Bryan will get all the wealth and spread it around to the parasites. Then the parasites will have yachts, motor homes, big houses with swimming pools, jet airplanes and working people will have nothing except maybean allowance for food.

The working people are the dregs of the Earth. They work to try to get a bigger house or newer car so they can brag to us parasites how much better they are. But Bryan is going to bring them down. Obama tries to help parasites but he is just not competent.  He is stupid and lacks creativity and drive. Bryan can provide both.

Bryan will eliminate corruption in Washington D.C. No more Solyndra bailouts to give hundreds of millions of dollars to filthy rich people like Kaiser.. No more greedy GM Union retirement bailouts. Parasites will bring them down to our level.

Bryan is going to open the borders to the whole world. He will pay the new immigrantsí big money so they wonít become one of those working people. The newcomers will become parasites and our numbers will increase and overwhelm the working people and let them know that they are now our slaves. Then the parasites will be the elite and live in luxury.

To prevent the slaves from rising up against our oppression and try to keep what they earn us parasites will take away their guns. Without guns they are helpless against our oppression. Bryan can do this. Obama just doesnít have what it takes to disarm the working people but Bryan can. The writers of the Constitution thought that arming the citizens gave them the right to make final decisions on government policy but the citizens are too stupid to know what is good for them so to keep them in line they have to be disarmed.

However, there are working people who will be exempt from our oppressive taxes and regulations. They are the Hollywood crowd and the liberal media. All other filthy rich working people will be taxed out of existence. Bryan needs the media to furnish propaganda for our agenda. Hollywood and the liberal media are already pushing to enslave the working people but they donít have Bryan to encourage them to get more radical. All history, traditions and religions will be ďadjustedĒ to promote the parasitemovement and only the media can sell this to the working people. Therefore, the parasites have to allow some working people to keep their money but the parasites donít have to associate with such greed.

In addition to the media moguls, the parasites are going to have to let the filthy rich union bosses keep their wealth because we can use them to continue to bleed the union working people. They already take money from the union working people and support politicians that promote our Socialist agenda. It is ironic that the union working people are paying for their own enslavement. When the parasites gain absolute control, we wonít need the media moguls or the union bosses, their wealth will be our wealth. They will have willingly served our purpose.

Some government employees will also have to be given raises because these will be in a position to enforce our new agenda. We will recruit from the deep state all that support our agenda. They will be carefully selected to work our movement in an efficient manner. When we have absolute control, they can be eliminated and their payroll transferred to us. Without guns they cannot resist.

Bryan will gain absolute control over the Socialist movement because under the Obama agenda if Obama gains absolute control the parasites will be put to work because under Socialism everybody is a slave of the Government and without guns, we are also helpless.

In Russia there was a glorious Socialist paradise for the working people. However, the Government elite told the workers where to work and what to do and set their wages so low that they were virtual slaves. To get ahead you had to prove you could be cruel to your fellow workers and make them work harder.

When Bryan takes over the government, the first thing he will do is change education. Parents think they have a right to dictate what the schools teach their children. These parents have to be delirious. Parasites will teach the children what they need toknow and the first thing they will learn is that being a parasite is honorable and parasites are just as good as anybody and that refusing to work is a lifestyle of choice. Parasites have the reputation that they are lazy, shiftless, worthless and just plain no good. Well, parasites are none of these things, we are just smarter than the working people and that is why we have them working for us.

There are two kinds of parasites, the first kind breaks into peopleís homes and robs them of their valuables but this tends to have occupational hazards because the owner might fight for his possessions, which we will make illegal, and the owner might even cause harm or maybe death. This is the hard way. The second kind of parasite finds a politician that has no scruples, would sell his mother for more power in office. This kind of politician would trade your vote for money, money taken from the working people. The working people wonít even grumble because our media will shame them into thinking it is not nice to have so much while the parasite has so little

With Bryan in the White House and a progressive Supreme Court, the Constitution can be ignored to the point it just fades away. When this happens, the military can be used to quell any uprisings by the working people and since they wonít have guns there will be little resistance. Of course, the resistance leaders will have to be executed to demonstrate that parasites will not tolerate disobedience.

The parasites will use the media to convince the people that the Constitution was written by a group of anti-socialist thugs and they added the Bill of Rights to protect the rich from people like us. We will prove that socialism is not compatible with the Constitution or freedom and anyone who disagrees will be punished. We are in control.

We are not going to leave the working people without hope, for that will only bring about despair and they wonít work. We will infiltrate the Republican Party and campaign on the promise of reducing taxes and helping the working people. This will only be a ruse since the parasites running the Democratic and Republican parties all go to the same country club and split up the federal budget. With our plan, the poor working slobs will forever wonder why there is no help for them.

Obama has put Socialist agents into every department of the Government to work his Socialist agenda. They now control the military, EPA, IRS and OSHA. With this army of thugs, he can go into any business, large or small, and shut them down because of the regulations. With this power any businessman can be reduced to one of us if they donít support our movement. Parasites cannot shut down all businesses because without jobs there would be no working people and we would starve. So, we have to encourage businesses but on our terms.

Bryan will put parasite agents into these Government departments just like Obama. If the Socialist agents donít support the parasite movement they will be fired and.reduced to private sector working people which will be the cruelest thing we can do to them.

If youíre not working and you want more, then join up with Bryan and be a parasite. You canít imagine how good life can be until Bryan is in the White House.  Bryan will take care of you and there wonít be any other worries.

So, follow Bryan and he will lead you to the good life!



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