Of all the scandals Obama has produced in 6 years the importation of 90,000 alien children across our borders has to be the most tragic. Just when we thought he had sunk to the bottom with Benghazi and the IRS, he pulls this shine.

To begin with, who is telling the people in Latin America that our borders are wide open and anybody can come in? That just isnít a fluke. Someone in our government told them to advertise that information. Then who is paying for all the buses to ship those children to the USA? 90,000 kids take a lot of buses. What about food to feed these kids? Who pays for that? This is a 1,500 mile trip from their country to ours, it takes several days.

What about the parents? What kind of mother would put her child on a bus to go 1,500 miles not knowing where they will wind up? Not knowing who will feed them or care for them? They know they have to travel through Cartel country and they know the Cartel take the kids they want for slaves, they even know some are raped and even murdered. These parents are sub-animals unless ofcourse they have been told that if the kids get into the USA then the US Government will bring the parents into the US to be united with the children. So this is their ticket to the good old USA. They might lose a kid but no problem, they have many.

The US Government advertisement that our borders are open and we will take in any and all will destroy our great land. The US cannot be a relief valve for third world countries that practice uncontrolled breeding. They have a 6% per year population increase and their economy will never catch up with the population increase so poverty will always be a part of their lives. The US government needs new management.


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