THE Fork in the Road

The upcoming Presidential election in the United States is a major fork in the road for the nation, as major as those which yielded presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt in determining the course of the United States.

The country is polarized more today than at any time since the Civil War, and the result of the coming election will determine if our republic continues as founded, with a written constitution based on a government designed to protect God-given unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, or if it will continue ignoring its constitution and pursue the Progressive dream of an ever-expanding federal government bent on fulfilling "pursuit of happiness" at the expense of fewer and fewer taxpayers.

As laid out by the founders, the U.S. Constitution is a written play book outlining a government with many checks and balances -- vital to preventing popular whims from becoming law without significant consideration by all concerned -- and dedicated to securing the freedoms enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. In the Declaration, Thomas Jefferson announced to the world, the nation throwing off the bonds of England and was doing so because of King George's trampling of unalienable rights possessed by all humans; rights that exist naturally and pre-exist any form of government!  In essence, the U.S. Constitution later codified a government that would protect those existing and universal rights -to live, do as one pleased without harming others, and in doing so "pursue happiness" religiously, economically, vocationally and recreationally.

The document worked quite well and the nation prospered as never before as citizens used their God-given talents and energy to "pursue happiness" as they saw fit, under a government that provided a framework for the opportunity to thrive -- but sought no part in the "success" of any one.

Then came the Progressive Movement of the late 1800s through the 1920s. Fueled by "welfare state" mentality "thinkers" on both sides of the Atlantic, the work of the original framers of the U.S. Constitution became a laughing stock -- branded obsolete in the modern world of ever-present change and increasing self-worship of mankind to the detriment of the "Creator" of the Declaration.

"We need a constitution that changes with the times," they cried, ignoring the perfectly acceptable method to amend the Constitution.  Amendment was not fast enough and didn't fulfill the Progressive tool box with the ability to drastically change the meaning of "rights" or the limited nature of the federal government. The goal was an ever-expanding federal government, run by administrators (bureaucrats) who would regulate and maintain order as leaders sought out ever-expanding goals "for the people" to ensure equality of status and income.

Progressive President Woodrow Wilson was the champion of the movement during World War I and sought to remake the U.S. as an engine "To make the world safe for democracy" even at its own peril. Under Wilson's dream the nation would become the dynamo to fund and remake nations worldwide in the "pursuit of happiness."  Thank God the U.S. Senate didn't ratify Wilson's League of Nation's proposal or we'd probably be answering to that body instead of trying to prevent the United Nations from purloining our sovereignty.

Then came Franklin Roosevelt, with his "Second Bill of Rights" in 1944, another attempt at making the federal government the guarantor of economic and social "equality."  The government that created over the next 60+ years, with the help of both Democrats and Republicans, is what we have today -- bureaucrats running the government, making regulations without regard for Congress or those who have to obey them; a nation on the brink of bankruptcy with hundreds of overlapping agencies duplicating effort at undefined goals; and a population nearly 50% dependent upon the federal government's ability to squeeze "property" (taxes, effort, management, investment etc.) from the other half to maintain "domestic tranquility."

At the head of that government, "The New Republic" as the Progressives would term it, is President Obama -- champion of a health care plan that threatens to overwhelm the nation's economy with its unintended (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt) consequences. The same man who has seen fit to not press for a budget from his Senate in four years (despite such being Constitutionally mandated) talks of addressing the annual federal deficit in spending and the national debt in total, but always manages to increase spending.  In fact, in four years the incumbent has racked up more debt than all U.S. Presidents combined in the history of the nation -- debt that will have to be repaid by yet unborn generations (talk about taxation without representation!)

In all cases, Mr. Obama presses onward toward more government, more taxes, more "redistribution of wealth and capital" seeking the Progressive goal of ever-expanding government to ensure "equality in the pursuit of happiness" for those who vote for him.  If that sounds like Marxism, it is.

November 6 offers a clear choice, both Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney, his challenger, have made it clear the election is just that.  Romney has told us he's for rolling back the Progressive onslaught through a return to limits on government and a reduction in the size of government. In essence, he is all that stands in the way of a complete Progressive takeover of the nation under President Obama. The results of that would be a long bus ride down the "Road to Serfdom" for all Americans as economist Friedrick Hayek called it.

by Dan Crummett



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