The radical left are masters of propaganda.  The Hollywood gang that packaged Obama for voter consumption are the best of the best.  They make a car explode, a man die, the dumbest actor into a famous professor, a homely woman into a glamorous sex queen.

The article below from the Tulsa World dated 11-16-08 is an example of the local radical left propaganda.  Janet Pearson plants the seed of hate for the right by associating the Nazi and the KKK with the right.  This is typical.

People are repulsed by Nazis because they murdered 6,000,000 people in the death camps.  For the left it is logical to associate the right with evil by calling the Nazis radical right.  However, the Nazi party was a socialist party; therefore, radical left.  And the majority of the readers are ignorant of the facts and this association will stick in their minds and mold their opinions.

I wrote a protest letter that was never printed.  Probably I was a little rough on Ms. Pearson, but I did not lie.  If patriots do not call them down on their lies, the radical left will get bolder.

Janet Pearson Article  -  Tulsa World  -  11-16-08

Butch Webb Letter to Tulsa World  -  11-20-08

Unpublished letter to Tulsa World, 11-20-08


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