The Plan

The patriots point to Obama as the villain but this is due to media hype always glorifying Obama as the savior of the world. However in reality Obama is just a puppet with George Sorros and the European industrialist gang of thugs pulling the strings. Obama is expendable and Biden, Reed or Kerry can fill in should Obama be disposed. But for now it is Obama and he is the motivator for the plan for world order.

Obama was selected by Sorros for many reasons but the main reason is his disdain for the United States and the freedom it offers the people. Marxus socialism is the answer to eliminating this freedom and Obama was dedicated to change you can believe in.

When running for president in 2008, Hilary Clinton went to Hollywood for money and came back with only a small handful. Obama later went to Hollywood and returned with a big basket full. This should have told Hilary that she was on the outside looking in. Hollywood is the master of deceit and they worked Obama over and turned him into a real intellectual. The Hollywood directors told him how to look, dress, talk and who to preach to. Hollywood wrote his speeches and furnished monitors so he would not have to memorize speeches. They refused to let him take questions or talk freely for fear his ignorance would show. He was expertly packaged for voter consumption and it worked.

Phase one of Sorros plan was to get as many people on the government tit as possible. This required putting the country into deeper recession which put more people unemployed and dependent on the government. The so called “shovel ready jobs” were non existent even though the trillion dollar kickstart money was made ready. To make sure no jobs were created the Keystone Pipeline permit was cancelled that would have created 20,000 direct union jobs for construction not counting jobs in cafés, motels and stores.

Phase two of the plan was to get Obama reelected. By now there were more people depending on government than working and all Obama and his media support had to do was to convince to people on government welfare that Romney would cut them off the “free” money. Since they outnumbered the working people paying the bill it was easy to vote Obama in a second time.

Phase three of the plan is to force socialism on the people and this time the government will be able to use force but first Obama has to disarm the people. Without guns the people are helpless and Obama can use any ruthless tactic to push his agenda. Pitchforks are no match for BATF guns and tanks.

Obama’s socialism started with Obama care. Obama lied to the American people when he said it would be better care, cheaper and reduce the dept. The opposite has occurred but it is still on the books with no patriot strong enough to say enough is enough.

Next Obama will expend the governments influence in the schools. Napoleon said “You can have the people, give me the children.” Socialism has to indoctrinate children so when they become voting age they will support socialism. Thus future generations will quietly go along with anything Obama dictates. After that expand section 8 housing, food stamps to include beer to get more takers and on and on until the government is all providing.

It is ironic that every war fought by the United States has been against a socialist government from the king of England during the revolution to Hitler, to Hussein, over 500,000 young men and women have been killed fighting socialism to keep this country free and now the USA is going to be a socialist state. We could have saved those 500,000 young people had we not separated from England. They were sacrificed for nothing.






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