Letter to the editor: God's Heavens

By Emilee Sullivan, Owasso

Nature is a testimony of the beauty and power of God. Why, then, do we, who profess to worship him, stand by idly as his creation is destroyed?

Climate change is happening and, if allowed to continue, will render Earth nearly uninhabitable in a terrifyingly short amount of time. The testimony of creation will be destroyed, and most scientists agree that humans will have been the cause of it.

We, who were instructed at the beginning to care for the Earth, will have destroyed the Lordís handiwork through our greed.

Climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels. There are forms of energy available that cause no harm to the environment, but we reject them because they cost slightly more.

At its core, climate change is caused by our refusal to place the welfare of creation over our pocketbooks and will affect disproportionately those nearest to the Lordís heart: the poor. They will be the first to feel the effects of food shortages, epidemics, and rising sea levels that we will have caused.

Christians must fight against this injustice and, as Solomon wrote, ďSpeak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.Ē We have the privilege of influencing our political leaders, so, please, write and encourage them to make wise decisions regarding the planet.

By fighting against climate change, we obey the Lordís charge to care for creation while championing human rights and defending the poor. ďThe heavens declare the glory of God,Ē so letís keep them unpolluted.


Letter to the editor: Is stopping global warming against God's will?

By Brian Webb, Owasso

Emilee Sullivan is concerned about global warming and Godís opinion of manís actions ("God's heavens," March 6). She ought to be reminded that 25,000 years ago there was so much ice on the land that the ocean was 394 feet lower than it is now, and 12,000 years ago (just 4,000 years before Adam and Eve) the ocean was 210 feet lower than now (source National Geographic magazine, January 2015). Ice was hundreds of feet thick as far south as Illinois and the Sahara desert was lush with grass and trees. From her letter, a person has to presume that she has a hotline to God and he told her his global warming ended in 1901 and anything since is man-made.

However, the human population is at 8 billion and growing at 1 billion every 25 years. To keep these people fed, the Earth has to warm and thaw the millions of square miles of permafrost in Russia and Canada to open this area to crops. The fertile lands in the corn belt of the U.S. will have to be used for housing for the growing population and the farmers will have to migrate north to grow the crops. Perhaps she should have another conversation with God to determine if global warming is really his plan and anything we do to stop it is against his will.


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