Letter to Reps - Sept 26, 2017



Mr. Bridenstine:

        This is to notify you of an opinion of one of your constituents.  Those so-called Dreamers should be sent home for the following reasons:

        Their parents put them on buses, trains, hitch hiked or any way they could get them to the U.S. so those children would be the ticket for the parents to come to the U.S. and get on the rich welfare program.  Those parents are the dregs of humanity.  Those kids were without food, water, unsupervised, some were raped, klled, enslaved and the parents dis not care.  Just get inside the good old USA.  The U.S. does not need these kinds of people for citizens.  Please no amnesty.

        Do what is right.

                                                                                         Butch Webb.



























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