Second Amendment

Letter to the editor  -  Tulsa World  -  01-13-13

Are we there?

The second amendment is really not that hard to understand. From Wikipedia: "In colonial era Anglo-American usage, militia service was distinguished from military service in that the latter was normally a commitment for a fixed period of time of at least a year, for a salary, whereas militia was only to meet a threat, or prepare to meet a threat, for periods of time expected to be short. Militia persons were normally expected to provide their own weapons, equipment, or supplies, although they may later be compensated for losses or expenditures."  From this definition, the U.S. National Guard is not a militia since Guardsmen are not required to provide any item of uniform or equipment, they enlist for fixed terms, belong to formal units and are paid.

An important point here is that, in order to serve in a militia unit, one must provide one’s own weapons. Also note, in order to be an effective fighting force in today’s world, one must have grenades, rocket-propelled weapons and yes assault weapons with plenty of ammunition in, yes, high-capacity magazines.

To lend further insight to the meaning of the Second Amendment I quote Thomas Jefferson, "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Are we there yet?

Thomas N. Treue, McAllister     



This letter pretty much explains the reason for the second amendment. It was included in the bill of rights to provide the people with protection from the federal government should it become oppressive. It has been proven in the past that a government, dictator or king cannot enslave an armed citizenry. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all existing dictators disarmed the people before implementing absolute power over them. Once disarmed they became slaves to the government.

Obama’s oppressive nazi agenda is beginning to make the natives restless and he and his gang of thugs can sense this. They have become paranoid that the people are going to say no to socialism and will threaten to use force. Therefore the people have to be disarmed. To do this Obama needs an incident that is repulsive to everyone. Obama got the incident he needed in the Sandy Hook school tragedy. This provided the justification for disarming honest citizens without regard for their loyalty to government or community. Just disarm everybody and this will keep Obama safe regardless of what he does to enslave the people.

Obama can depend on the media for support. They will bombard the people with similar tragedies and reasons for disarming the people. Irrational thought and ideas will flood the tv screens. Talk shows will demean gun owners and hunters. Liberal state governments will show their phony concerns by passing restrictive gun laws hoping it will support Obama’s efforts.

To demonstrate the extent of Obama’s paranoia the government recently purchased 2700 rubber tired tanks to be used against the citizens of this country. This is 54 tanks for each state. Why does Obama need 54 tanks in each state unless he is getting ready to use force to suppress the people. Obama spends billions of dollars on tanks but does not have money to keep the White House open for tours. Apparently tanks have priority.

There is an old saying that when the government becomes paranoid then it is time for the people to become paranoid.


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