The next revolution is going to be between those that work and the parasites that feed off the working people. The bible says "If you want to eat you have to work." Apparently this bible teaching is ignored by the lazy wanting everything for nothing. There are almost as many people slopping at the government trough as there are working. When the parasites outnumber those working they have the power through majority vote to keep increasing their income. When the working people who are paying the bill become tired of feeding themselves, their families plus the parasites they will either revolt or join the parasites. The founders of the constitution never wanted this to happen and even added the tenth amendment to prevent the federal government from providing this service.

However this service of taking from the working people and giving to those not wanting to work is only temporary. A government can not last by loading such a huge burden on only a few and because of this in the end everybody will have to work but not as a free people. For in the liberals plan for world order the masses have to be stripped of their desire to get ahead and do better. They must be content with alcohol, sex and mindless entertainment.

A rancher will provide his cattle with feed, water, veterinary medicine and protection from outlaws and predators. The cattle are not free but they get fat and stay healthy. But then comes pay up time and they are loaded on trucks and shipped out. The intent of big government is to provide the masses with food, shelter, medical care and come pay up time: Slavery. The liberals plan for world order refers to us as “cattle with the wind blowing through our heads”.

The parasites whether wall street or welfare have become a big voting block. Unscrupulous politicians have used these parasites by buying their votes to get into and stay in seats of power. Once in power they get their hands into the government treasury and begin handing out money buying votes even though the tenth amendment says no. The wall street parasites pay for the politicians campaign bills and the welfare parasite provides the vote and the burden falls on the working people. Then when the working people ask for a tax cut so they can keep more of what they earn they are called selfish and unpatriotic.

There are ways to correct this disadvantage but it would take courage on the part of the working people and help from politicians who show patriotism to the Constitution. The working people put in time for their wages, usually 40 hours a week with another 2 hours a day for travel and lunch. If they want more for their family they may work two jobs but are penalized because the added salary puts them into a higher tax bracket. The problem the working people have with the parasites is they sit at home watching television and get almost as much welfare money as the working people when you deduct job expenses such as clothes, car, gasoline, medical insurance and services they could be doing if they had the time. This to them is unfair especially when the parasites demand more.

A solution to this problem is to respect the tenth amendment and cut out all entitlements by the federal government. Give the responsibility of entitlements to the states as the Constitution dictates. This would eliminate federal politicians from buying votes and put the responsibility closer to the working people for monitoring the cash cow.

The states could also eliminate entitlements so people would have to work to eat. The states could make work available for those who could not find work. The nation cries out to be cleaned up and people could clean up the countryside. There would be no qualification just show up and work for minimum wage and be paid every day after work. All the people would need is identification for tax purposes.

The parasites will no doubt revolt and demonstrate because they have to work to eat but they are not on the moral high ground. The working people paying the bills will certainly support this because it would give them some hope of relief. At this time because of the thugs in Washington, there is no hope. When there is no hope, there is despair and despair brings on revolution.


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