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NOTE:  This letter was sent to the Tulsa World on 2/12/20, and they would not print it in their newspaper. It mocked their socialist agenda. How sad.


February 12, 2020

Tulsa World-

The brilliant representative from New York, Alexandra Cortez, presented the green deal to save the planet. The deal eliminates fossil fuels and airplanes, the rebuilding of every building, and the elimination of cows. Cows pass gas but so do people. Google says people pass one liter of natural gas per day. For 8 billion people this is equivalent to 282 million cubic feet of gas per day being flared. Add to this body heat at 2,000 cal per day and it comes to 346 million cubic feet of gas or 346 billion BTU of heat just from the body alone, not counting cooking or heating the house. The earth cannot sustain this. At a Cortez rally one of her followers cried and begged that there were too many people and that we must eat the babies. The trend now is to make a healthy newborn baby comfortable while the mother and doctor determine the babys fate. If they decide the baby is an inconvenience then kill the baby. To save the world, the next step is to just cook the baby. Only the socialist agenda will save us. Vote for Bernie and Cortez!

Yours truly,

Tulsa World
Letter to the Editor

Letter written to Tulsa World by Butch Webb


Tulsa World
Letter to the Editor

Letter written to Tulsa World by Butch Webb.


The Dominion Post - Opinion Section
New Zealand

Two letters to newspaper in New Zealand, 10-24-12


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