Letter to Senate

Second Letter to Senate - Oklahoma
Regarding Benighazi

          Awhile back my hands and I wrote you a letter expressing our views on Benghazi. We received one letter that said that the Oklahoma delegation was looking into it and would find out what happened, blah, blah, blah… To date we have not received an update and the media is silent so it must have slipped your minds.

          Well, this is the way we see the situation from your actions and the bits and pieces that we have heard on the radio. The fighting broke out and within 15 minutes a drone was sending birds eye pictures of the fighting to the whole world. A troop plane was loading troops to give support and would be at site in two hours. The Army officer in charge was ordered to stand down and he ordered the troops off the plane and seven hours later four Americans were murdered.

We can conclude the following:

-The people that ordered the stand down for whatever reason watched, in cold blood, those Americans die. If they gave the order then they should be tried for murder. If you do nothing to investigate then you are an accessory. How hard is it to have the officer on site testify who gave him the order to stand down and then get that officer to testify and keep going until the murderous culprit is found.

          The people in Oklahoma are fed up with the government in general and congress in particular. You people are either impotent, incompetent or Obama has had the FBI investigate you and found out about some shine that you have pulled and now he is blackmailing you and that is why you are just sitting around and giving out excuses.

          We want action and we want to know where you stand as well as a report on the progress in catching these murderous thugs.

We look forward to your reply.

                                                            Yours truly,

                                                                      Brian Webb 



















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