Socialism can be defined as the control of the masses by a small group of elites. This includes kings, monarchs, emperors, dictators, liberals, progressives, Nazis, communists, fascists, and any other form of government where the masses cannot control their own destiny. In the book "The Liberal Papers" they state that people are not capable of governing themselves and that a small group of liberal intellectual elites are needed to take care of them. To do this efficiently, the elite must have complete control over the masses in order to force the masses into submission.

Control begins with thought control including desires, needs, opinions, and loyalties. The use of movies, plays, slanted news, music, schools and universities work towards this end and under the right conditions they will guide the people in the desired direction. Physical needs have to be provided to the unwashed deplorables such as food, housing, entertainment, sex and alcohol. Even still, some will see that their pitiful plight has been planned and want revolution to improve their lot. So, to prevent revolution they must not have weapons and this will make them helpless.

In the "Liberals Plan for World Order" the middle class must be eliminated. The poor class live hand to mouth and don't have extra money so they just exist, therefore, even in large numbers they are not a threat. The elite have wealth, control of large companies including the media but are few in numbers. However, the elite know the middle class run the country because they are many and have some extra money to form organizations that control the direction of the country and their destiny. Even though the elite use the media to try to control the direction of the middle class it won't control the majority because they have their own ideas.

The most efficient method for eliminating the middle class is to tax them out of existence. This includes their wages and companies owned by the middle class. If a government rewards the poor people with all types of welfare, the poor will support the elites socialist program. Since the poor out number the middle class, oppressive taxes are assured since the poor are on the receiving end.

Once the middle class is eliminated, only the ultra-wealthy elite and the very poor are left. The rules will be changed to prevent a poor person with a new idea from promoting the idea and becoming wealthy. The unwashed will not be allowed in elite society.

The "Liberal Plan for World Order" states that the "masses are like cattle with the wind blowing through their heads."  This must be true because within the last two months of 2020 and the first two months of 2021, the United States has witnessed the following:

    • A presidential election in which over a hundred people have testified in writing that the election was corrupt including the "My Pillow man" with his documentary.
    • When a group of senators were to protest and ask for an investigation to establish if the election was lawful or corrupt, a planned attack by Antifa on the Capital resulted in shutting down the protest. This attack was of course blamed on Trump even though mainstream media pooled their money and paid a photographer $70,000 prior to the attack to photo the event. Obviously, they knew in advance and this smells of conspiracy.
    • A majority of the news media were spearheading the attack on Trump and accusing the Capital attack on the "Trump mob" thus ending the election result protest.
    • Shutting down all communication from Trump and other conservatives to the people to eliminate any organized protesting.
    • Use the elites major store chains to punish any conservatives that supported Trump such as the “My Pillow man”.
    • Remove conservative talk show hosts from elite owned radio stations.
    • Stand down the military to weed out terrorists, not communists, but the service men that wore MAGA hats and retain those that support socialism and those that would kill any citizen that resists giving up their guns.
    • Over 40 "just sign it Biden" executive orders undermining all the progress Trump accomplished in foreign policy, trade, jobs, energy, and immigration. When these executive orders go into effect this country will decline.
    • Allowing boys to participate in girls' sports and use the girl's restrooms thus ending what little morals are left in this country. This is just plain sick.
    • Squishing all investigation into the Hillary Benghazi attack, money laundering, the FBI spy campaign on Trump during the election, and Hunter Biden's money gathering schemes from Russia, Ukraine, and China.
    • Stopping the XL Pipeline ending thousands of jobs.
    • Ending drilling on public lands that help Alaska and the flyover states to create thousands of jobs.
    • Propose a massive gun control law without regard to the Second Amendment of the Constitution to prevent revolution and to leave the citizens helpless against cruel oppression. Classic examples of cruel oppression on helpless people without guns are Hong Kong, France, and now Russia. All they have are wimpy street protests which is at best a nuisance to the dictators.
    • Create a committee to plan to pack the Supreme Court with socialists, same as FDR did to pass his socialist agenda.
    • Eliminate borders to allow more aliens to become U.S. citizens without learning our language, history, or our constitutional government and to mock those immigrants who enter lawfully.
    • A non-Constitutional impeachment of a non-existent President for the sake of thanking him for what he did for the country and wasting millions of dollars on impeachment, same as the Mueller investigation and the first impeachment which proved nothing and they even used Hillary's lawyers but it was fodder for the media.
    • Look tough with Russia even though Just Sign It Biden's son, Hunter, received $2,000,000 from the wife of the Moscow mayor.
    • Signed up with the Paris Accord that costs the working people millions of dollars in taxes that go to Paris to be spread to the dictators along the equator.
    • Allowed Muslim terrorists to enter the U.S. and begin killing Americans as they did during the Obama presidency.
    • Allowed illegal aliens to be counted in census so the states will receive more welfare money and representatives.
    • Added Obama's unjustified restrictive regulations that constricts the economy.


To solidify the absolute control over the people, the Socialists have only two years to eliminate guns in the hands of citizens and pack the Supreme Court to eliminate the Constitution. At the rate the "Just Sign It Biden's" handlers are pushing Marxism, the people's backlash may put them out of business with a patriotic congress after the next election.

Conclusion: We the people may have lost our republic.

Butch Webb


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