The Screwworm Maggot

During the first 50 years of Oklahoma statehood we were plagued by a parasite call the screwworm. The screwworm was the maggot of the blow fly and it was the scourge of all animals and humans. An example would be if a horse received a cut from a thorn, barbed wire or another animal and drew blood it would attract the blow fly. The blow fly would lay screwworm maggots on the cut and the screwworm maggots would begin eating the flesh of the horse. Unless man intervened the screwworm maggots would continue eating the horse and taking away its strength and vitality until the horse became so sick and weak it would go down. As the sores became bigger the blowfly would lay more screwworm maggots eating the flesh and organs until the horse succumbed. Finally the entire horse would be consumed leaving only the bones and hair.

This sad tragedy can be applied to this country. The United States is the horse, blowfly is the European industrialists elite. The screwworm maggots are the misfits, malcontents, idealist and those seeking to be a part of a power play. The screwworm maggots have worked their way into every part of our culture eating away at our government, industry, schools, media and religion making change you can depend on.

In the first 175 years the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights provided the freedom to the individual to make this nation strong with a better life for more people than any other nation in history. However since the 1930ís socialism has been eating away and dragging this nation down to third world status. This horse has not gone down yet but it is very sick and weak.


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