Capitalism and Entrepreneurship


A man comes to America and works and saves up some money. He decides to sell hot tamales on street corners for extra money. His wife makes good tamales. He buys a two-wheeled hot tamale cart. He is now a capitalist because he invested money to make money. This also makes him an entrepreneur because he is starting a business.

The man begins to sell hot tamales and people like his tamales and business is good. In fact so good his wife cannot keep up so he hires a helper for her. Now he is an employer and has to buy workmen’s comp insurance, take out taxes and social security and match the employee’s social security. This also includes providing his employee a W-9 for tax purposes. The business is going so well that he attracts the local food inspectors to inspect the food kitchen and the sales cart and demand he buy a license. OSHA inspects the food kitchen to ensure the employee safety.

It is at this phase of small business growth that the liberal elite are trying to stifle small business. Liberalism cannot control entrepreneurship because people with money become independent and competition for liberal control. With money they can fight back, therefore liberals are creating as many roadblocks as possible to prevent people from starting companies and expanding. If the man decides to fight for his company he will expand his business and invest more money to buy more carts and hire more salesmen and cooks. To keep the business going forward he will start advertising to get the word out that his tamales are the best in town and where to find them.

This man can become successful in spite of liberal intervention and he started out with nothing but a small amount of money, an idea and a desire to succeed.

This is capitalism and entrepreneurship.


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